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Steam Showers & Steam Rooms

Building a steam shower presents a variety of choices beyond the tile and glass necessary to enclose the room. You will have to decide between steam generator brands (110V, 220V, # of KWs), the size of the room, what type of showerhead / faucet you will use, how to configure the steam generator overflow, whether to add shower jets, how to create a venting system, and more. Our sister site, mysteamroom.com, recommends a prefabricated steam shower manufactured by Wasauna. Unlike typical prefabricated steam showers, this shower sits directly on your pretiled floor. This means that you will have the benefits of a custom-built tile steam shower (ultra sturdy floor with your own tile), along with the benefits of a prefabricated shower (the entire steam room/massage jet system is pre-built, saving the hassle an cost of recreating the effect). The featured system includes a chlorine/vitamin-c water filter and a neat feature that lets you preset the temperature of the water. The shower heats up the water and does not start spraying water until the water has reached the exact temperature you specified (which the shower remembers). You won’t feel or see a drop of water until the water is perfectly situated for your experience. Now that is a cool feature! Here is a picture of the shower (notice how it sits right on your pre-existing tile – all you need to install this is a drain built into your tile):

Steam Shower

Steam Shower