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Archive for September, 2010

Import Genius Review – A Tool to Stop Factory Scams

We’ve recently been playing around with a service called Import Genius, which, it seems, provides one of the most useful import services we’ve ever come across.

Scams run wild in the overseas tile world, so this service is certainly a good way to avoid unscrupulous factories, because ImportGenius lets you analyze their export history and correspond with other American companies that buy from said factory.  The genius search engine allows you to analyze ocean containers brought into the United States.  If you search for “tile” you are rewarded with a massive list of tile imports, along with data about both the supplier and the importer.  This is a quick way to find new providers, as well as to find out who other tile importers around the country are buying from.  I’ve attached a screen shot of a basic search I ran for “travertine tile”.   Of course, there is a lot more you can do with the tool.  For example, I noticed that tile imports really spiked during certain months of the year, and crashed in others.  Areas hit hardest by the real estate crash have the most noticeable decline in tile import activity.  I also used Import Genius to find a supplier of a new style of noche dark travertine that has become increasingly popular in Florida.

Import Genius Screenshot

Import Genius Screenshot