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Outdoor Tile with Grass instead of Grout

Outdoor Tile w/ Grass instead of Grout

Outdoor Tile w/ Grass instead of Grout



  Penny wrote @

The Garden featured above is delightful.
We have a huge garden and are about to start a large patio next week and would like to have grass instead of grout so as not to make too stark a contrast between the two. How do we grout with grass? Is there a certain grass seed we can use? Can we use an alternative like camomille? Please advise.
Many thanks. PW, Cornwall.

  joseph wrote @

i have something similar with the uneven paving stones. the problem is that weeds/grass (from lots of birdseed from the previous tenant) keep taking over mossy grass i plant. what can i use that won’t allow itself to be overtaken by these weeds???

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